August 24, 2010
Now i feel like a bad blogger because I don't post regularly :(
I feel bead because i do nothing at all,LOL. I just lazy to post something because my internet connection was really bad. The perfect time to post something only in the morning before the connection getting slowly and believe it or not i can't do that, not because i woke up late, i just have a long list in the early morning and sometimes i need to comapany my Dad for regular check up to hospital.

Ok stop about my feeling guilty, now i will share about my weekend things. I spent my weekend with my cousin. I supposed to ask him for helping me with my notebook, but believe it or not when i want to pick it, i check it and i was supprised that my notebook was fine. So i just met him for a free lunch,hehehe. He is really kind and really care for me, because he is one of my relatives that really push me to do my thesis and finish my school as soon as possible. And he always treat me a free lunch or dinner :)

At night, me and my brother went to the cinema for watching "The Expendables" it's quite an interesting movie since i love an action genre, but i think it's too much superstar on it. They put all superstar in action movie, even the story was so ordinary but i like it. For the next day which is sunday, i felt love along that day. why? because i had a nice talk with my Mom and my brother during our way to our church. Sometimes we had quarrel about some issue but this day we had a simple thing to be discussed. so what should i say?I would like to say, I'm really happy this weekend.

For sunday's outfit i put my new babies on my feet. I was happy to wore it, since i've been crazy about wedges. And last weekend i recieve a package from picnic-shop, sttt they give reduce price for ahoes and bags, grab it fast girls. Oh i would like to share that "Tribute" tweeted that they will have some of pairs of Jersey Campbell's wedges. Oh i want it so bad, but i know since the high shipping fee to my town, there will be an expensive wedges -__- i wish somebody will buy me as a present for my birthday even my birthday was 2 months behind,LOL
yellow maxi dress was a gift from my Mommy//unbranded cropped plaid blazer//vintage belt//
vintage purse from garage sale//casio gold watch//f21 earrings//yellow custom mustard wedges from shoeizme

#Crap 557 new posts on my bloglovin!i had this bad internet connection! i want to see all post!
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  1. i like your outfit
    especially the shoes...

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