March 1, 2010
February 25th 2010
This is a biggest day in 2010 because I faced my final exam on this date. Okay 3 finals in the same day. I was crazy on that day! But i felt happy because at night i had my freedom! I hope my score will be great. Anyway as usual i came to my church for a little church service. Before that i went to Marche. This is my first time!hahaha. I know it's kinda look stupid but i really really like this place, it's like going somewhere out of his town, i like how they decorated this place. The place was so well, i saw a little birds there inside the restaurant! Speaking about the price, you will make sure that you bring a lot of money when you come here! The price comes with a good taste and a big portion! But they accept Daddy's little plastic (this is how my bestfriend describe credit card). I took some photos there :)

*I recommend this place to chill and hangout because the food was great and the place look homey specially when you need a long time to talk with your best friends about life,hahaha.



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  1. deekkyy says:

    you're bautiful...visit my blog and happy blogging..follow me please

  2. Livioso says:

    Thank you :)
    I will visit you back.

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