March 1, 2010

Long time no see! Uh i really really missed this blog. Now I'm getting crazy to post what happened to my life. Start from February 20th 2010. I went to the downtown called 'kota tua' in Bahasa. My cousin promised me to teach me how to use slr camera and how to get a great picture without editing effect like what you get from using photoshop. Actually it's really hard, i prefer to use photoshop then,lol. But really i felt bad when he taught me how to use slr and get a great picture by your eyes. He told me, a great photographer can get the best picture from experiences and it's not an easy way. They can make a simple object looks amazing because they know a great combinations like color, pattern, etc. Uh when my cousin told me about he theory i felt headache!hahaha.

Anyway after hunting time, we moved to "kopi tiam oey" it belongs to Bondan Winarno, the famous host from "Wisata Kuliner". The price was cheap and the taste so yummy. I want to come back there to taste their breakfast menu because we can't order the breakfast menu when we come there at night,hahaha. My choices was fish and cips with banana split. You must try it!The mayonnaise in fish&chips tasted so yummy i think it's homemade :)By the way where is the place?In Sabang street behind Mandiri on Thamrid street near Bank Indonesia.
I really want to post the result of my hunting time, but actually i don't have enough time to transfer it from my cousin :(



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