March 15, 2010

Today is Saturday and I went to campus for a class then moved again to Pasific Place to see Brightspot Market again and again. Yesterday a little bit crowded so i think today is my lucky day because i came their before the lunch time. I was disappointed because my fave brand named only has a few pieces left because a few items already sold. I came home with black nala dress and fringe tubular shawl. Beside that I met my high school friend that the owner of oneandahalf. People know this brand as a part of nikicio, but they already stand up by themself, it’s cheper than nikicio but the design so simple yet edgy.

I got home with a coffee sweater from this brand, their last collection really good, i love the color and the material. My friend told me that the most wated item was their drappery dress and top, it was so bad when i came there it was sold. In the afternoon I moved to Bandar Jakarta for dinner. By the way Happy Birthday to Mimi, one of my church friend who's celebrated her birthday on Friday, wishing you all the best. I missed this place so much, last time i went there when celebrated my Mom’s birthday. I’m so happy today because i can get a few cool stuffs without feeling guilty since i save my money for this event. I can’t wait to see this event more!

What I Wore:
Blue top from cotton ion; earrings from forever21; Blue narrow jeans by cheapmonday; Red Birkin sandals; Yellow rubber watch from Casio; Holy braclet; Etnic handmade bag from Thailand


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