March 5, 2010
Hellow fellas :)
I kindda bit busy for the last 3 days. I was so excited about my score. Remember my post?I wrote that i can update this blog because I'm busy to study because i want this year to be my last year on a collage things. So I made it! I mean I've got a great score. Yay!yay!yay! I passed all subjects that i took for the short semester and yeaahhh I really really happy about it. I don't feel in a good mood to take any photo or play dress up, but i will tell you my great plan. This weekend i will go with my family for holiday!yay! it's only for 5 days but it makes me really excited. It's time to be relaaaax and shopping. I don't travel a lot because i spent my money for clothes, bags and shoes. From this post i want to say a huge thanks for my Dad and my Mom to pay this holiday and give me a money to have fun with it. I know this is not a right time and i asked you too much but I promise when i come home i will focus my mind on my thesis. This really a great opportunity from my parent to clear my mind, getaway from this J town which is %$#@* lately. But i still love my friends. I hope i can find a great things for you my darling friends :)

Btw since i don't have enough money to buy a new camera, i think it will be great to bring my analog camera. Even now the digital camera give us a great result but when you print it, i don't know why but the analog camera result more better than them. And you know what when you put your eye in that little window, right before you push the shutter button you will feel like a pro.

Have a great weekend everyone :)


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  1. michelle_ says:

    thx much for the comments in my blog .
    have a great weekend !

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