March 2, 2010
The Qing Hua Diana F+ by Dorophy Tang

In the headlines due to her traditional Chinese artistic style, Dorophy Tang has worked with some big players in the industry, including her installation with adidas some time back. Building on that success, Dorophy worked with camera makers Lomography on their Diana+ model. A very cool film camera, the Diana+ features a plastic lens that produces dreamlike photography with adjustable aperture for shooting wide angle imagery at a very low cost. With similar intricate designs as the adidas furniture pieces, this Lomography piece is equally as impressive.

Designer and illustrator Dorophy Tang has become the latest to add her unique touch to the Diana F+. This special edition reflects Tang’s signature style, which mixes vintage elements and traditional Chinese influences – known as Qing Hua Ci. The stunning Diana F+ that Dorophy Tang customised as a one-off for the Detrich Collection & Diana Vignettes Exhibition impressed us so much that we knew we had to ask her to create a version that could be made available for everyone! The package also features 4 of Dorophy Tang’s Shopping Baby illustrated postcards. Tang’s trademark Shopping Babies are cute and ironic little fashionista characters, which add that extra something special to this collectible Diana F+ edition.

I really really want this camera so bad!Still looking for he best price :)

photo and review credit:lomography site.


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4 sveet comments

  1. Livioso says:

    Thank you. I'm getting crazy to have it as mine :)

  2. nitya says:

    I've already bought it!
    and it's cuteeee..!

  3. Livioso says:

    I'm so jealous xP

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