March 19, 2010
I was being inspired to improve my self by one movie. It showed me that this era people love to work or we called it workaholic culture. For some people it’s a pleasure but the rest of it think that this habit is bad. It’s a life, in every single problems there is so many ways to be chosen. Sometimes i felt don’t know what i want for my future. I’m confuse. People get easily to hope that in the future they only one thing, to be success or be a rich man or women, but how? If you don’t focus in one description how to release that goal, it will be nothing. Actually i want to be free just like a bird. Honestly i want to trip around the world, i want to see the God’s creature, i don’t want to be an employee, i want to be a boss. Why?Because i can manage my life by my self, i don’t like to depending by someone else except my future husband,lol. From my last holiday i can learn that i love to see people, i love to see how they earned some money to be survived in this world. This holiday realy mean to me, this is not about to be relax. I was too enjoy with what i’ve been doing with my life. If i still in here, i will be nothing. I want to release my soul, do what i want to do! This is what we need, believe in something maybe our dreams or our simple thoughts. There will be a miracle that makes it true but we need to be focus and trying hard for it.


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