January 17, 2010
Mabuhay everyone!!
In this post i will share so many things that happened yesterday. The best Sunday i ever had in 2010. First I want to say thanks to God that lead me to this year. Then I would like to say thanks to the God because He gave me this opportunity to join as administrator for youth comunnity in my church. I will do it my best because this is for God and I don't wanna loss his blessing for me. This is not easy and it needs a huge intention even I'm ready or not. I'm glad that I have a great friends that support me alot, so keep in touch fellas and get ready to hit this year. And I really love my outfit this day because i feel beautiful when I wore it and some people told me like that,lol.

*My happiest face for having this opportunity.

What I Wore:

Kebaya's from my Mommy (She bought it from senawangi), Skirt made from silk material belongs to my Mom, Pearl bracelet from my Auntie, Pearl earrings from f21, Casio watch gold, Charles&Keith nude heels and Ciciero snake skin Bag.

Here comes the night..
This day is my grandpa's birthday party. Actually not really my grandpa but his wife is my real Grandpa's sister from my Mom's clan. So this party full of Simanjuntak's people (actually it's a clan name). The party started at 5 pm in Manggala Wahana Bakti. I don't know for sure why they celebrated the granpa's birthday party there because that place should be the best place of wedding day,lol. So many people was came there and it's too hetic. But I was happy to meet my huge family and the best part my uncle bring his slr, yaaay!It's time to be celebrity,lol.

Oh I can't say anything rite now because met them is something that I've been waiting for. Family gathering is the best moment of my life because I can see all my cousins, sharing with them about my problems and mostly they are older than me so they will gime me the best advise I ever heard and they are so wise (Brother you should treat me bacause I said this about you,lol).Oh, and thank you for this huge family members that already embarrassing me in front of the guests,lol.Here some of our picture:

*The best picture that night even the lightning was bad but i really love it :)
Focus on my Uncle's Batik shirt on my left, I love the color and the theme so amazing.

*My cousins Daniel, Me and My Uncle.

*The famous gang in this family contains of Me, My Auntie Agatha, My Auntie Ani, My Auntie Netty and My Cousin Dewi.


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