January 16, 2010
Time is running out..
I hope I can use it wisely..
Thinking about something that will built my future..

I can't stop it..
And I don;t want to look my past..
Some of them are sucks..
I will not regret about it..

It's hard to fix what I've done in the past..
Now it's getting better and I will not let it go..
I will keep it even I know that it will not coming back just like the beginning..

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I can't back to that time when I do that mistake..
Onething that I've learn that people can't forget about our mistake even they said so..
maybe they will say that they forget it, but actually they will remark our name in their mind..
And you can't do anything to make it change..

Just accept it..
You can't force somebody else to change their habit..
Just start it from yourself and make sure that you will not repeat the same mistake..
Sometimes it's just a lil things in your mind but you will not know that it means huge for another people..

We live together with another people around this world..
When you go somewhere don't forget to bring something that we called R.E.S.P.E.C.T!
It's already late now and it's time for me to sleep.
*psst my Mom bought me a new clothes and it's traditional clothes. I love it so much. I will post the picture tomorrow. Now I gotta to sleep. Nite.. Nite.. all :)



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