January 18, 2010
I'm back! I was a little bit busy today even I don't have any campus activities.
I woke up late in the morning because I had a chat with my friend but It was a fun chat and I enjoyed it. So my morning activity was updated my blog. Today I have 5 posts in this blog,whoaaa maybe this a record, I never post 5 times in a day. So today I have a simple outfit, just wore my white shirt from my fave brand magic happens and I was happy when I saw they sell it in alun-alun in Grand Indonesia even I prefer to check their latest collection in Nanonine Lamandau. For the bottom I pick my dry grey jeans and flip-flops also my fave black bag. *Owh!and i don't know why but i feel my face looks chubby in this pic.

I went to hospital to meet my Dad and accompany him to learn how to enter a car since he was sick. And thanks God it was easy to do,yay!The Doctor said maybe next week she will let my Dad come back home!I was so excited to hear that! After that because i was so sleepy, I take a nap for an hour there, then I moved to my fave grocery store named Total in fatmawati. I bought some eegs for my Dad, fruits for me and 2 packs of tofu!yeah!Me and my Brother really like it! Then I searched some maker for my Dad in parmachy then I moved to Lamandau. My fave place to spend some money. just check out some stores and finally dropped by at Nanonine to check my fave brand magic happens latest collection.

But in the morning I browsed sash website and found some cutest stuffs but I didn't find it there. So i end up my shopping time with this two basic tops from Nanonine brand. FYI they sell one and a half collections but not to much, mostly only the basic items like leggings and top but I'm sure that their top very comfortable to wear. I don't know why but I already changed my style from colorful girl to be simple yet edgy style. I prefer to buy the basic color like broken white, grey and black. But sometimes i also bought some colorful items but not much as before.

I've got home by 05.45pm because of the treffic jam and I was hungry. When i was on my way I called my house keeper and ask her to make a dinner for me. Here's the menu: a bowl of vegetables called "sayur asem" then I ate 2 pieces of fish called "ikan tongkol" and a bowl of tofu mixed mushroom. I don't eat rice for a dinner, this not a bout a diet menu but believe me when you eat those meals you will feel full beside that those meals are the healthy choice. This is one of my resolutions in this year. I don't say that I can't eat junk food but maybe not too much, I can eat that food only in weekend but in a good portion. Sometimes people get wrong definition about the diet menu, as long as you eat those fat in a good portion you will be in a good shape. So feel free to eat as long as you know the right portion friends :)


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