January 4, 2010
The first day of 2010..
That day I only slept for an hour. Spent my morn by attending church service with my Mom. Then dropped my Mom at my Auntie's house. I stayed there a while and got slept for 3 hours, really really tired at that moment. After I woke up, I found my cousin lay down at their family's room, watched tv. I persuade him to accompany me to watching "Sherlock Holmes" and yup We went to fx. That was my second time watched there and I just realized that the ticket so cheap compare with another cinema, hmm..maybe next time that place will be my fave cinema : )

It supposed to be my dinner time with my cousin and He promised to treat me a dinner in new year's eve. But I don't have enough time, my Mom already got back from new year's party at our relatives so I picked her and we moved to hospital met my Dad. Owh and I don't know why but the air conditioner in that place made my body freezing.

I arrived at home by 09.00pm and browsed for an hour, after that I felt really sick and yup I've got fever and dizzy!Crap! Next day I push my self to drop my Dad's breakfast to hospital because my driver still in his village. Okay, I drove my car really slow, open my window and turn of my air conditioner. It's the hardest day of my life in the early 2010.

And yo can imagine that I spent my saturday night by bed rest!I cancelled all my appointment and I felt really bad about it. After lunch time I felt a little bit better, I got home then came back to hospital at night about 07.00pm, Me and my Mom was waiting for my brother while my Dad tried to make some jokes and I really into it even I was sick but I laugh out loud, It was a fun time to see my Mom and my Dad talked.

They came from a different personality and that differences made they had a long life together as a wife and husband and have me and my brother as their children. I really adore both of them. They are the greatest parents for me. We've been trough many things as a small family and we've changed a lot :)

My mind full of many ideas that I will do in this year but I don't have to write it and I will finish it by this day. I hope all of you don't forget to make your goals in this year. This will be a great year and for me this is the time to wake up and make all my dreams come true. So have a nice monday everyone!and don't ever think that this day will be going bad, it's up to you!If you think that this day will be a great day then I will happen exactly just like your mind.Trust me!I've been proved it, specially when you like someone all day will be a great day : )

What I Wore:

Green mini dress (include the belt) , black pattern tights, f21 earrings, casio watch, black studded clutch by Ciciero Bag, Black Platform by MNG.


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