January 2, 2010
Happy New Year Everybody :)

Finally I'm back to this world!This is my story a night before the new year's eve.
At night, I begun with church service with my Mom. Since my Dad stayed in hospital and my brother accompany him so there is only me and my Mom that available to go. So I spent my last night of 2009 with my lovely Mom. After the church service we went to Oenpao at kemang because I know for sure that place open for 24 hours and I love their noodles. We had our late dinner there, just the two of us and the waiter was so kind by taking this picture.

.Me and my Mommy.

At mid night, me and my Mom had a time together by praying and singing also we made some resolution for 2010. And it's like a year before that we gave advise to each other to be a better person for the next year. I was sad because every year we trough our night together as a family including my Dad and my Brother. But at this time there was only me and my Mom. Hopefully my Dad getting well very soon so we will back together as a happy family as before.

After that things, I went to my bestfriends house. We had a late chit-chat until morning. I only slept for an hour. New year's eve really made my day at that moment and I don't feel tired at all.
So many things that I want to share in this blog but I really need to sleep because I've been sick since friday so this is my recovery time. Catch ya later :)

Story behind the title: Please don't get wrong with those words. I always love to put extraordinary title in every single of my post. This time I post this with that title because of me and my Mom's outfit, black and white. It's like angel and demon, rite?lol

What I Wore:

Black Shinny Mini Dress, Black pattern Tights, Studded earrings was a gift from my best friend, Casio Watch, Studded Clutch by Ciciero Bag and Black Platform by MNG.



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