January 4, 2010
3rd days of 2010..
I woke up and feeling better. This day the great day for my family because my niece was got a ceremony to celebrate her fist day to follow our lovely JC. So this day I wore my creation, my own dress, the color was blue electric and i relly love this color lately. I forgot to take some picture because I was not really feel well and I can't control my face so I was lazy to take any picture, maybe next time :)

For me this year will be full of bright color, please wear something that will make people staring at you like red, yellow or electric blue. It's just my prediction. In morn I went to church with my Mom just like usual because It was Sunday rite? After that me and my Mom visited Ace Hardware, yay!!I know it sound freaky that I really love this place a lot. It's the great place to get some new inspirations. I love to see their lamps collections, their furniture specially rattan chair!Really want to buy this item so bad!

I came there because I want to buy my dog's food and we've got home with so many stuffs,lol. My Mom was getting crazy there when she saw those household stuffs, yeah who don't? I just remember my quality time with the whole family before I moved to my house now, we bought many things there to fulfill my house. I missed that time a lot x(

Okay, skip about my sadness. This is the new year so we must be happy about anything and hope that everythings will be going great!yeah! I browsed this morn and found this picture. I will put it as my 2010 resolution. I read blogs a lot than book so this is a great time to change! Owh I missed my tumblr too..

source: Miss at la Playa


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