January 8, 2010
January 7th 2010..
My fist day of school but I was sick. I came in the early morn with my mom and her driver. It was ni ce to meet that building again after long holiday. My first class was cool, because I got a great lecture, he told us about bussiness ethics and he really want us to understand the subject not only to pass the subject. One thing that he said that i've been thinking over and over again that we must always do our breakfast everymorning, the menu is newspaper! He said if we don't want to at least we can do browsing on the internet. The point is that we care a bout what happend around us, what happend with this country, this world, the economic situation and it will make us easy to be mingle with anyone moreover if your improve yourself by read a lot of book not only seeing those dummy tv series spesially when it produced by local station.

Continued my day with my second and third classes but my last class has been canceled because the lecture didn't come. When i was on my way back home, I met my highschool's teacher and i was so excited to see him. He wants to take his son's academic report. His child goes to the same highschool as me but the different I already graduated from there :)

The rest of my day I spent it to think about my life, what i want to do?Specially with my thesis. It's going crazy now, i need to find a company that wants to give me their tax repport, wish me luck. This really mean to me because I want to finish my school this year, i can't take it anymore, i want to go from that campus, I want to reach my dream, maybe my parent will agree about my dream job to learn how to sewing or maybe continue my study and took marketing (i don't have any interest in finance) or maybe go abroad life with my own feet. arrgghhhh..I will do this and fly away to feel the freedom and feel the trully live.

"Everythings need money but Money is not everything!"

I found this words when i was browsed this morning and i like what Marilyn Monroe said about, specially the last part.



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