January 9, 2010
This is my 2nd saturday nite in 2010. But I didn't have a good mood to mingle with my friends. So I just walking around this J town searching some cute things. I supposed to accompany my friend to meet someone but I had misunderstanding about the place so I dropped my self and my Mom at PIM. I must buy a pair or shoes for my Dad since the old one was broken. Then I bought my self a new pillow, yeah!I know it's kindda weird to hear someone so happy to have a new pillow but believe it or not, I can't sleep with my old pillow, it hurt my neck and i don't feel comfortable when I use it. Now i can sleep tight and no more sleepy head in the next morning.

I'm still thinking about my 2010 resolution, i know it's too late because I have so much things to do in this year, but i will make it simple juat 10 points and I need to work hard to make those points become real. What I've got this day? A pairs of batik flats. I bought it online and I love the color. I don't know why but at this moment i really like all about basic color like grey, black, white, blue, etc. I have 3 pairs of grey shoes, even they have different models but I know for sure if my Mom realize about it then she will be angry. So sorry Mom, this is will be my last purchases then I will keep my pocket thight *cross my fingers,lol.

I wore this flats this Sunday, I will post my picture on my next post because I forgot where i put my digicam. Owh, I don't know why but my fave digicam was broken, I can't fill out the battery. Hmm..maybe I need the new one, so this is the perfect time to study then If i get a great score I will ask it to my parents, yeah!! Godspeed Olive all the time :)



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