January 6, 2010
I can't wait to post this!

This is the best day I've ever had. Many awkward things happend on this day.
It beggun from number one because this all about my first time in this year.

So this is the first time I came out from my shell and go out.
This is my first time too put my feets on my campus after the long holiday.

This is my first time the sun kisses my skin.
This is my first time feel the poluted air in this J Town.

This is my first time in this year I use transjakarta again after a long time.
This is my first time had a lunch in d'cost plaza semanggi.

This is the first time I really curious about my final score and I passed all the important subject.
So this is my first time too, finally I can start to compose my thesis! yay!

This is the best gift i ever got from JC since I was born.
God hear my voices and answer my call.

Thanks my Almighty.
It's time to me to go to sleep, since I'm not really getting well

and tomorrow i have a class from early morn till noon.



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