December 1, 2009
I hate Monday!
Yesterday was the hottes day of my life. And i feel stupid when i wore this jacket because the weather so hot out there. In the morning I went to hospital visit my Dad. But my Dad has been moved to Fatmawati hospital because of therapy program in this hospital is better than in Pertamina hospital, beside that it’s near from my house even the traffic is very bad. They took my Dad with ambulance and i followed them. I was glad that I arrived on time before somebody else took my Dad’s room.

After I saw that my Dad’s ok, I went to my campus. I was really in a rush to paid my short semester and when I was there, I shocked because the line was so long. I hate when this happen because it’s always like that every semester. One thing that I’ve learned from my campus is always be patient even you are in a long ‘queue’. But it was really bad, you can check on every student’s fb status,lol. A big thanks to my friend Hendra because he want to arrange that for me. I owe you man.

At noon i had an english class with Miss. Sally. When I came, I didn’t see Miss.Sally but there was another teacher. The Admin told me that Miss. Sally got an accident. Last weekend she went to downtown and She got robbed by someone. She’s got some scratches in her back and she shocked about it. So this week she will be absent. So sorry to hear that Miss. Sally, I hope you are getting better and forgot about what happen.

Then I went back to hospital because i will stay here for a night, maybe two. I’m a little bit worried about my Dad’s condition because his blood pressure was high. He can’t sleep last night. I really put a huge hope in this hospital, I can’t see anything like this anymore. I need my Dad back at home. We’ve missed him a lot and we think it’s better when He can stay among his family. I can’t wait for the bleder training program. Special kisses and a warm hug for you Dad ;D

Things to do today: I will meet my Dad's doctor and she will explain to me and my Dad about anything, wish me luck and I will attend my class at noon.

What I Wore:

Ysl white top, Black Od jeans by Cheap Mon, Vintage Belt, F21 pearl earrings, holy bracelet, fossil watch, Biker Jacket, Shoulin flats, Ashley bag from Ciciero, Fringe Bag from Royal Queen.



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