November 29, 2009
My last Saturday was awesome!We've got 3rd place for Vocal Group Contest that held by Pasar Rebo. As The Official Member I feel proud about it, all my hard work has paid off,lol. I got home so late and I know my parent will punish me. Yup, just like this day, when i want to go to my friends I can't drive alone, somebody must accompany me and the one and only person that I love to accompany me was Mr. Miswan my lovely driver. Thank You Pak, your the best ;D

I woke up with headaches. I went to the church for the morning church service and visited my Dad at the hospital. Today's I came back home early and got a sleep. It feels better because this has been my hard week because I will face my final. Oh and I've got trouble from my last Sat night. I looked like an Idiot,lol. I don't know why but something bad always happen to me and it's always not in the perfect time!sighhhh! Because of it I've got a little scratch and a blue mark. I think the bad always came with the good things,lol.

Oh, I supposed to be take my
photograph since Friday but I don't have enough time. So this noon my brother accompany me to took my photograph. Really like it when I saw the result. I put some photograph together consist of me and Illy my best pal. It's nice to see it than just upload it on my facebook or my blog. And it will be great when I can make those photos as my wallpaper in my room ;D

What I Wore:

Vintage Flower Dress (it supposed to be maxi dress but I cut it), unbranded tights, holy bracelet, What.Wear.Daily's earrings, Casio Watch, Ashley Bag by Ciciero, and MNG platform shoes.

I need to go, trying my best to do my summery. Godspeed Olive as always,lol.
See you soon..



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