November 28, 2009
For me everyday is a holiday, so I will face my day with a huge smile. But yesterday was a real holiday, people don’t need to go to work and they don’t need to go to school. The weather was good and I like it. Yesterday, I went to hospital just like usual. I dropped my Dad’s lunch and had a talk with him and my cousin.
It’s a little bit serious but I enjoyed it. After that I moved to my church. I had a meeting with my friends to discuss about our christmas eve’s church service. Then I came home, my Mom looked a little bit shock when She saw me came home early. But I will go out again at noon Mom,lol. Yesterday my Mom made a lunch for me and my brother. She made meat balls,hmm..yummy..and She tald me tha t this day she will cook again and make teriyaki. Can’t wait to see the result Mom!

Then I spent my noon by talked with my Mom while I was waiting for my cousin to pick me up. Then he came!But I don’t know why because of his amazing job and somehing got trouble she looked panic and kept calling his friends. I really appriciate what he’s done by not canceling this promise. Then finally we moved to senayan city. I want to see new moon but there was only a late show so I only had a dinner together. Oh!Finally I’ve got a dark blue nail polish that I’ve been searched for a long time,yay! And I bought my Mom a bakpao, I never really like it but this one is different. You should try on it.It’s made from salted eggs and try while still hot.

There was no traffic jam all day long. I love Jakarta for a moment. Yesterday I was closed my eyes with a huge smile, the same smile just like when I started this day ;D

What I Wore:

Grey Batwings top, Black Od Jeans by Chep Mon, Grey knitted shawl by noir sur blanc, f21 earrings, holy bracelet, fossil watch, Ashley bag by Ciciero and Black shaolin flats.

Currently Listening to: 1st album of Jammie Cullum specially track number 10 'Catch the sun'


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