November 27, 2009
First time in a long time I woke up late, 07.30 that’s the new record. I usually wake up at 06.00 but yesterday I was really tired and need more time to sleep. But I woke up with a huge smile and really excited about my plan for today. I don’t enough time to make my personal post just like usual, but I try my best. Here’s the story for my past 2 days.

On Wednesday..

I supposed to register my schedule for a short semester. But I don’t have enough time so I asked Illy to help me. Thanks God, she want to help me. You’re the best pal ;D
Okay, where am I? I was with Gayatri searched some ties for the boys. And when We were on our way, the traffic really %$#@& because we go at the same time for the office man came out for the lunch time.

Okay first time when we arrived we were really hungry. We had lunch together for 1 hours then we got a tie. We choose the purple tie because it looked match with the dress. Can’t wait to see them hit the contest! After that I went back to the hospital dropped my Dad’s car then went home by my favourite public transportation which is Transjakarta.

I love to see those people. I can learn their personality from what they’ve done. Some of them slept on their way but I think they didn’t really sleep. They don’t want another people who didn’t get a sit looked at them with compassionate view ,lol.

Then I can find some people read a book actually mostly a novel. This is what I like to do too. I also love to hear some music when I read my favourite novel. If I didn’t get a sit I still love to read my novel but only if the bus not too full.

And then I love to see the view, the traffic because when we on Transjakarta we can see clearly what is the purpose of the government provide this mass transportation even they never took it xP

Still in my bad cold but getting better each by day, the important thing is that I have enough time to sleep specially try to take a nap everyday. Yeah! It’s impossible but I tried it and it works.

What I Wore:

Black-White stripes top, Cheap Mon black od jeans, Vintage belt belongs to my Mom, F21 earrings, Lovebug’s bag, Fossil watch, holy bracelet, Black Converse.

On Thursday..
Finally I’ve got concern about my final exam so I study with my senior. At least I learn something for this week. It was really quick only 1 hour and I can finished it quickly, yay! Can’t wait for the next lesson, because I really need to past this subject.
I had a class at noon then went to the hospital. I had a fun time by talked with my Dad. Oh, I really love this day. My Dad told me that He want to move to Fatmawati hospital because they have a best equipment for the therapy beside that it’s near with my house. I will love to see you anytime Dad ;D

Then moved to my church for watching The Vocal Group gang practice their voice. Yesterday was their last rehearsal. C’mon guys and girls, you can do it ;D
Came home with my exhausted body!

Oh about my outfit I know it looks weird when saw a people specially in here wearing a knitted shawl but It was really cold and I was sick so I wore it. I don’t care if people staring at me because It’s a common thing for me ;D

What I Wore:

Grey top with a horse pattern by Monic, Cheap Mon black od jeans, Vintage belt belongs to my Mom, Grey shawl by noir sur black, F21 earrings, Ciciero’s bag named Ashley, Fossil watch, holy bracelet, Black Converse.

Today’s activities:
I will have a meeting with Nancy, discuss about our Christmas Eve. Then I will meet my cousin, help him to search his future things ,lol. Wish me luck to face this day with a great spirit ;D



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