December 2, 2009
Yay!Finally the 1st of December has come and I can't wait for the Christmas Day ;D
Yesterday was so hot!And i felt stupid when I wore black outfit. I stay for 2 nights at hospital and always go back home in the early morning. One thing that I love when I stayed there that I can sleep early because nothing to do there. I talked to my Dad's doctor yesterday and I thought it would be difficult to be understand what she said but she make it simple and I know for sure what happened to my Dad. I was glad to hear that My Dad will be okay and she will start the therapy on this day.

Not much I've done for yesterday. But I had a class at noon and I've got shocked when I saw my lecture's homework list and she said that i didn't give my homework for 2 times,but she told me to do it again and give it to her next week. Oh yeah I collected it but you lost it Mam!

What I Wore:

White-Red top from trf, Cheap Mon Black Od jeans, Ashley bag from Ciciero, f21 pearl earrings, holy bracelet, fossil watch, Chuck Taylor hi keds.


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