December 14, 2009
Yay!finally I’m home. I was stayed at hospital to accompany my Dad. He was angry because Me and My Mom spent our time by sightseeing around at mall. Actually It was not for me, It’s for Dave my brother. He doesn’t have so much time to buy some new shirt for Christmas Eve, so I was helped him to get that stuffs. He trust on my choice and he always love it when I bought something for him, actually my Mom pay for it not me,lol.

Sometimes he makes me confuse because I’m a girl that supposed to be worried about my outfit, but I always do that in my way and it’s easy. I don’t need more time to get dress up, I always use my mood to create my outfit, lol. But for my brother it’s a long way to get a great outfit, sometimes he needs more time to try so much clothes,lol. But it’s fine since I always like the result, simple but totally gorgeous. Every bodies will admit it when they see him,lol.

I woke up earlier last Sunday because i need to browsing some sound effect for my rehearsal and I was glad that I found it. Then i must follow the dress code for that day. We must wear the Christmas outfit like green or red. I never like to buy green or red clothes, hmm.. it’s because red makes me look fat,lol. But I found this sailor mini dress contains with 3 colors, red, white and dark blue. I never wore it before and I think maybe this is the perfect time to wear it.

A little bit worried at tha beginning since that dress look mini. And I don’t want to be people looking intimidating about my look but finally I don’t care,lol. When I arrived at my church, I found all the girls wore something just like me, I mean all of them wore mini dress, yay!My confidence has moved to the top of the chart, yay! Spent the day with taking care of the rehearsal and shopping with my Mom and auntie. I was lie when I wrote about my job to get some shirts for my brother, actually it’s true but I also do shopping to follow the rules from the girls. We have a theme for this Christmas. The theme is GOLD. Yeah! We don’t need to wear a gold dress but at least you wore something in gold color, like accessories or maybe a pair of shoes.

I know it sounds crazy, but maybe that’s why people always staring at us,lol. But we always proud to be our self and feel comfortable with it. Who will win this challenge?I know for sure,lol.(but of course it’s not me, but the craziest girl in our community,lol). After a long time, I wore my heels back. And I didn’t feel comfortable at all, specially I used to to do shopping. I went to Plaza Indonesia last Sunday and moved to Grand Indonesia by my feet and It’s hurt!I didn’t bring any flip-floops and something that I always do it over and over again that I always forget about my parking line. But this time was not my fault because I oftem came to this mall.

After that shopping time, I went to hospital to meet my Dad. Yup!I can predict that my Dad will angry with my Mom and Me because of the duration of our shopping time. Dad, we’re sorry about it, I promise that I will never do that again : )
I felt really tired because of the long day and fall down on my bed beside my Dad’s and sleep until the sun rise.

Today I feel happy and full spirit. I want to make my bed room to look good and clean up useless things on my room. And I will study for my final too. Wish me luck friends. And for your info my facebook account will be dead soon so if you need me just tweet me. Now i like twitter better than facebook,lol.
See you around :)

What I Wore:

Sailor Dress by What Wear Daily, Unbranded dark blue tights, Casio Watch, Dark Blue button earrings by What Wear Daily, Chilly heels from trf and unbranded red pouch (it supposed to be a decoration for Christmas in my home but I used it as my bag at this time, I called it a brilliant think,lol)


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  1. olive i throught u're sailor dress worth it...dont sad..cause u get awesome dress while made u're dad angry...heheee...

  2. i follow u olive...hehe...

  3. O.L.I.V.E says:

    Hahaha..Not really my friend,I just found some accessories when I was there. Thanks for follow me, I will follow you back :)

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