December 15, 2009
I've been busy for pas 3 days and I need to study for my exam. All the Christmas thing makes me tired. It's far from done and I feel confuse now. While I was study, I can' t concentrate and always thinking about the Christmas eve, but when I was on meeting discuss about the Christmas Eve, I can't stop thinking about my subject. And I really need my lonely time back!

Yesterday I stayed in campus to study about 4 hours and I don't know why it was useless, so many things to do and I felt arrrggghhhh! Even my bestfriend told me that I must concentrate about my subject. Oh my gosh!I want to scream out now! Going to the beach and go swimming until I found another island only for me. Just drop by and share about my feelings. I hope I will getting better by the time. Wish me luck for my final today friends : )

After this things, I will going around from all this sickness. Pick up my soul and get back my beautiful life. Many things stuck on my head, I want to make it real but can I have more than 24 hours at least for 2 days?

And I can't have so much time with my Dad. When I was with him, i can't be focus to talk with him. Oh my craaapppp! I hate this feelings. Even when I was listening to my fave music, I felt nothing. By the way the picture below taken about 3 days ago when I was still happy and had enough time for my self. I never put something simple like this but you will see that I really deperate about my condition and getting crazy.

Today I will go to the church for celebrating Christmas. I really hope that I will get enlightenment to fill my soul. And yesterday I've got special gift from my Mom. It's a early Christmas gift. Thanks a lot Mom. I love you : )
And this things make me realize that I must doing anything as best as I can. Oh, and for the last 2 weeks I never watch TV. At this moment I feel pity with my self.


What I Wore:

White tee by MNG basic,Blue Narrow Tight Jeans by Cheap Mon,Vintage belt belongs to my Mom, Headband by Diva, Casio Watch, Button Earrings by f21,Nude Jelly shoes and Nude snake skin oversized clutch by Cicier of course it's not an original snake skin, I love animal)


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