November 20, 2009
Not my happy day at all.
Come out from the house at 10.30am and in a rush to the hospital to meet my Dad. I had a lunch together as always then went to campus. I met Illy and we stayed for a quite long time at our spooky centeen. After a long time talked about nothing we moved to our camping's meeting at 03.30pm.Then moved again to my class at 04.00pm but my lecture didn't come so I went back to camping's meeting until 05.00pm. It's time to meet my Dad again, so I went to the hospital while the rain was falling down. I took a walk for 15 minutes until iIve got there. He asked me to stay for dinner but I had no more time to do it, so I promised to my Dad that I will have my dinner in a proper food which means full of nutrition, no junk food and no fried things. Yeah only got a couple of cake for my dinner, just cross my finger put away my guilty feeling to my Dad.

What I've done when I faced bad traffic jam?

just take away your digicam from your bag, set it into self timer and just click it. TADA!!Then you will happy when you saw the result ;D

Maybe it was my rush day, just took a bath, changed my clothes and give a hug for my dad than drove away to my church. My Dad forced me to bring his car so I will come home earlier than usual. Came to the church for the christmas rehearsals but not all already came when i was there. I feel bad about it because I felt guilty to all people that really came on time. I already contact the rest of the cats but They told me that they were stuck in a bad traffic.Crap!Hellow, this is Jakarta, are you new here?There always a bad traffic here, maybe they should came earlier. I was not the pearson in charge of this field but it looks that this is my fault, so sorry then. And please don't ever said about those cliche reason like that again. I'm sick of it.
Yesterday I realy came home earlier than before, got to bed with my exhausted body and mind.

What I Wore:

Brother's white top, black od Cheap Mon Jeans, Shopping Bag (it was a gift from my Dad), Light Grey krewl tubular shawl by, cat earrings, holy bracelet, fossil watch, black converse and a bright smile to face this unlucky day.



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  1. Fenny says:

    heloww =))
    i love your bag
    wanna excange link?

  2. Fenny says:

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  3. O.L.I.V.E says:

    Btw thank you for coming and I already put your link on my sidebar.
    Nice to 'meet' you ;D

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