November 19, 2009
Yesterday was my free day.
It's nice when I have something to do. And yup yesterday was a great day because so many things to do. First stop was the hospital just like usual. Had a lunch together with my Dad and had a little talk with him. I'm glad when i saw his eyes and everything was fine. Then I told him that I need to borrow his car because I want to do my job as an official for Vocal Group Contest for the next week, so close with the day, rite?

Then I met Gaya at Ambassador and searched some clothes for the girls.'s not easy to do, because of the budget and a lot of request from the girls. But I'm happy to do this things. Beside that since my lovely cupcakes earrings was lost and i felt sad about it, I just found another earrings to replace the last one. I found this two little cute earrings there. The black one look like a diamond, they sell it in catchy color like red, white, purple, black and shocking pink. Still obsess about to be a Parisian so i took the black one. Then I found another one, it's a big earrings with a cat ornament, so cute. Just love both of them, yay!

The rest of the day, I just went back to the hospital then came home. Not home actually because I moved for my english class. I took transjakarta and it was so crowded, but I don't care because I had "Perahu Kertas" novel on my hand. I stand up n the bus during my way and read my novel, everybody was staring at me when they saw me smiling and laughing,lol. Very interesting novel.

What I Wore:

Ethnic top:Bought it from Illy; Vintage Denim vest, Cheap Mon narrow tight jeans, love earrings, holy bracelet, Guess watch, Jelly shoes and 'unplug after use' shopping bag by

Oh, just find this tumblr by this morning. And I was falling in love when I was it. I've been falling in love with Ed Westwick or Chuck Bass character since the first season of Gossip Girl released on my tv. Check out the tumblr here!



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  1. O.L.I.V.E says:

    Thank you Fitri ;D
    Are you a huge fans of Ed Westwick too?

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