November 18, 2009
I had a class at 10am and I'm too lazy to go. But nobody wants to attend the class so Yup finally I attend that freakin class,lol. The lecture came late!11.30am, oh my gosh!It will be better when she just passed that class. Then I prefer to stay outside the class and met Irsan, we had a talk until the class was finished,crazy man!I don't know how come your relationship still on a heat until this day, you are really sick!hahaha.Piss man!

Then at 12 something the class was offer. I wrote my latest post for yesterday during my class. I hope they will appreciate about what i've done. Then I moved to Plaza Semanggi (the freaky mall in this town, i went there to spent my time when i must waiting for the next class and beside that only takes 3 steps to go there,lol). Then She came!It's a little bit cold because we had something before. We just talk a common thing then continue it to discuss about what happened lately. I'm glad that we can talk so nice. I feel better now that I can shared what I felt before and she gave me a feedback.

Then the rest of the time we just laughing, shared about what happend for the last two weeks. She laugh out loud when I told her about my embarrassing moment that happened to me about 2 weeks ago,even I never think about it again but when i told her i felt so intimidating about my own act, sighhh x( We spent about 2 hours only for talking and sharing. Thanks for the moment darla, it's mean a lot to me. And it so nice when we can just share about what we felt without a flag war,hahaha.Kidding.I took a pic of us, not me but the waitress.Thanks.

The rest of my day just passed so fast. I had a class at noon and it's only for 1 hour, I love my lecture at that time. Than went to canteen met some friends and had a laugh then moved to PS bought a suplement for my Dad, after that I moved to hospital met my Dad and he need a help to wrap his feet, then last moved to my church took a song list and return my father's friend notebook because He left at the hospital when he visited my Dad.

After I arrived at home, just like usual I felt sleepy but before I went to bad I continue read a book by Dewi Dee Lestari, the title is "Perahu Kertas". You should read it! thought it was heavy book and I'm afraid that i will not understand what she said on it but when I read that book i can have so many expression like a little smile than it's getting bigger when i turned the page. So nice, this book made my day moreover I always happy before because something that i can share on here, only my closest friends know about this things xP



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