November 21, 2009
I woke up in the early morning, finished my routine . The day before I came late and so I was lazy to woke up even my alarm was rang. I turned on my notebook and sync the latest 'The Wild and The Trees' album Fave track for this freakin friday was "Kata". You should buy this album friends!I'm tottaly fallin in love the voice of the vocalist, why?Because it sounds like John Mayer! I've been here this album lately and sang about it in the morning until I heard my housemaid screamed out and told me that my driver and my brother just leave me!Whaaat?How come?I know it was almost 06.00 but we always go out the house at 06.00am. I called my brother and told him to go back to the house. Yes!Finally he came back.

When I arrived at my campus, I was forgot that I brought my bottle but I can't see it in my bag. So i left it on my mom's car.Oh crap!I know my Mom will be angry. Than i text her, yup!She reply it and told me that I should care about my stuffs and not too much talking or giving advice to my brother. Okay Mom I will,lol. Once in the week, Friday is the perfect time when we are going to our activities together since we are in the same vehicle so I love to talk with my brother and my Mom. What a day ;D

When I've got my class, the door was locked and I've been waited outside my class for 30 minutes. Then I came in. It's a little bit weird when I found the whole of the class as studying, I felt something bad will happen. Then I asked someone in my class "Sorry, do you know what happen here?Is it the lecture will held a Quiz?" And he told me "Yes, today chapter 3 and 4"Whaaat?This is another surprise in my freakin friday?Really..really not funny! Okay last week i didn't came and my friend not tell me about this crazy quiz!I just stay cool and hopefully the lecture will not come at that moment.

Oh no she was came!But she explained about chapter 4, we was hoping that she forgot about the quiz. Then she didn't. She told to the whole of the class that quiz will be held at the end of the lesson. But at the end of the time she told us "Do you wanna have a quiz now or next week?But if you are not study yet then It will beter I held it now!" The class answered "Next week". Yup the quiz will be held on next week, actually next week will be a free day so it must be 2 weeks letter.Yay!

After those crazy things, I went to hospital met my Dad. I was happy because he's trying hard to make everything look nice so he can go home soon. After that move to my church and practice my play because I don't have so much time to practice it at my house. Had a lunch there!My fave food called 'Meat Balls'hmm..yummy!

Then I went back to hospital, bringing back my Dad's car and I was in a hurry went to pim. I had a great time with the girls!Yay! Even there was a very bad traffic at 'Radio Dalam'

We watched 2012. It was a great movie and I like it. After that we lay down for dinner at wendy's. This is my first time of this week ate junk food!Not anymore!
I took some photos of us since we love to do that ;D

What I Wore:

White top by Ysl, od black Cheap Mon jeans, f21 earrings, holy bracelet, fossil watch, light grey krewl tubular shawl, dark grey outer, black shaolin shoes by What Wear Daily and shopping bag by Arrabella golf club (it's a gift from my Dad)




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  1. Lilee says:

    great pics, i love what you guys are wearing! :)

  2. O.L.I.V.E says:

    Thank you ;D
    Btw nice profile pic!

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