November 16, 2009
Brighter Sunday than ever. Woke up in the early morning because I had an order to be a receptionist in my church because there is an event. The uniform was free except the top, you must wear anykind models but the color must be white. I’m glad that the day before I was preparing my Sunday’s outfit because I would stayed at hospital and I took white top. Then it was really nice to find people wore white shirt,LOL.

Still my best day, God heard me!yay!yay!yay!I really want to share it in this post but I can’t it really scared me, actually it was not a scare things but I’m affraid when I wrote it I really show my happiness, My friend told me when i wore something in my blog it looks really honest and yup it was fresh from my mind. I just only gave a clue that this is about someone that i like, just the same person that I ever post it about 1 week ago. From that moment it was like God heard my wish and show me His way, yay! Hopefully it will going to be good day by day, week by week. At noon I went back to the hospital for lunch, my father was angry because I was late, so sorry Dad x(

We had a lunch together and sharing about many things. My Dad told us that he felt this week really blessing by the God. But he really sad because his mother which is my Grandmother called him and cried about my Dad condition. Me and my brother told him to be patient and don’t ever thinking too much about it, that’s way he felt sad. C’mon Dad, we know you will better and come back home soon. It was really full had a lucnh together, my father bought almost anykind of food. He bought what i liked, yay! He bought mushroom, brocoli, roasted duck, tofu and seafood noodle, yummy!forgot about my food combining at that time (I’m not doing any diet menu since I was finished my Mayo meals but it really great when you ca eat in a right portion).

Then Me and my brother went home, it was nice because we had a nice talk together. He told me about his school and architech things it was really interesting! And I just listened to him and sometimes I gave my opinion. At noon i went to supermarket to buy all groceries that we need. Since my Mom took care of my Dad so I’ve got an order to do that. And stupid me that I went alone so i must go back for 3 times to pick those groceries, I forgot to asked my driver to go with me.When i brought it, it was like brought a half of my body with me!It was really heavy but I can’t ask someone so i need to do it by my slef.

But I really happy when I was going to Aksara and found Dee’s novel, the title was ‘Perahu Kertas’ and foung the last stock of The Trees and The Wild’s album. Yay! One of their personel was my idol. He went to the same college as mine and he really cute!Eevery gilrs in my college know about hima nd admirer him. He got a nice look, curly hair and glasses! (yup, man with glasses look great!) oh and I remember that his fave t-shirt was blue t-shirt with a dark blue colar, I’m sure that you will be success man!

Came home and felt so tired but i need to write this so I can keep my happiness when I wrote this and didn’t foget even 1 things to put it in. Because I don;t have enough power to post it so i post it by the next morning.

What I Wore:

White top:unknown just found it on my wardrobe, White stud cropped jacket:korean’s stuff, Mama&Leon yellow skirts, Aigner vintage belt, bracelet from illy,Casio Watch, Gols glasses earrings and Ciciero snake skin bag (Don’nt worry I’m an animal lovers so It was the fake one).

Trying this:
My breakfast menu everymorning. A cup of tea with 1 spoon of sugar and 2 slice of wheat bread (I prefer you bought it from ‘Bread Talk’ why?Because it’s bigger than the other brand,LOL) apply with plain butter and Nutela, then you will hit the day without feeling powerless. Why wheat bread?Because it’s better than daily bread. You will get stronger than you eat daily bread and you will have long lasting power. Too much carbohydrate can make you feel sleepy all day long. Have a nice try ;D



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