November 16, 2009
The Greates weekend I ever had, yay!!
At Saturday I had two classes and I really woke up early for my morning class. My lecture was discused about ‘transfer pricing’ oh it was really bored but i really know what he talked about. I moved to another class. It took about almost 2 hours so it supposed to be end at 12.00 since it was started at 10.00am but she was kept talking till 1.00pm. I was in a ruch to come back home because i forgot to bring some document and I didn’t bring any car. So I came late to meet Domi and Yana at d’cost Kemang.

Here's our pic when we were there.
Yana, Domi and Me. Thanks to waitress for her kindness took this pic ;D

We really like it because we can eat much,LOL. Ater that we seperated because they want to go to petshop. Me?I went to hospital met my father as usual. I changed my outfit because i had an appointment to meet my friend named Ina. Before that I went to my church, as a good official I must check out what happend with thier practice, and it was running well. Beside that there was another official member named Domi stayed there until they were finished it. So I moved again to PS met Ina. PS was so crowded, I took more than 30minutes to get parking. Because I don;t have so much time we just had a dinner together and talked aloud at Sushi Tei, not my fave one but me and her agree that we want it because the place and the food was not bad too. We had a talk about one and a half hours there and It was fun.

It’s like met an old friend. Yay!Since I loved to be Parisian (Paris citizen loves to wear black outfit from head to toe) for this night I took black jeans, Black top, Gray shawl, Gray Bag and Gray studded sandals, i forgot took my outfit’s photos, i will post it latter. Really surprise that we had the same outfit, but she mixed it with a pair of white shoes. Really hate about my stupidness that I forgot to took any picture about us,LOL. We shared about anything, mostly about mine but in the end she told me about her problem, not really the serious one but it’s something that people called guilty pleasure,LOL. Can’t talk about the detail here because she will kill me,LOL

Fun Fact:I love to see people wore black outfit, why?They will got a look in that color. Maybe people think it’s too dark or it’s only a color that you used when you go to the funeral. You are totaly wrong! I fyou wore black outfit don’t ever show to another people that you look sad than tadaaa! You’ve got a look, people will staring at you all the time, you look sophisticated when you wore black. I felt Happy!Happy!Happy!because of this case. I can’t tell about what happened because if someone read this post then I will get punked!LOL.

Oh last story I just spent my night with my father, took care for him at the hospital. It really nice when he had a plan to have a lunch together in Sunday.Yay!



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