November 13, 2009
Yay!Finally I'm home.
I went to PIM this noon to buy miiko's comic and had a nice talked with illy. I just realized that we have a similar problems at this moment. Then I accompanied her until she finished her private, then she dropped me back at PIM. When I was on my way to the lobby I found an interesting guy in front of me (I really not care about someone or other people that i don't really know). He's not to tall just like me, he has a nice and clean outfit and wore glasses (it's a little bit tricky but when I saw a guy wearing glasses it look like they have their own charisma, not only me but some of my friends had the same thought as mine). Hmm.. I still remember what he wore, He wore khaki pants, dark brown sweater, dark brown sandals dark brown sling bag and a pair of glasses with a black frame, so nice ;D
Here's the interesting part!
He walked with his little brother, his two little sister and one baby sitter. He took his little brother's hand and kept looking for his little brother's way. I never done that for a long time with my brother since he's growing up now but we had our quality time together by watching the same movie, give and opinion of the other outfit or sharing something that uncommon.
It's a rare view to find a guy just like what i saw this noon.
Everytime i went to the mall there is only a guy with their fancy outfit or with their girlfriend that seems like a fairy tale story that lived happily ever after, sometimes i want to hit them. Is that only what they've thinking?They never realized how old they are!They supposed to be growing up specially about their mind. Life is not about being happy and have a lot of money, it's more than that. I feel poor for their parents who has a child just like them. Don't ever feel proud by stayed behind your parent's gold!
It's not my bussiness but I felt sorry for them . They've got much blessing from the God but never say thanks by showing their quality. Keep hoping that my brother not will be one of them!
I kept looking for this interesting guy since we had the same direction. And i felt he was realized that I kept an eye for him so i stopped it and step up to the lobby than went home.
I don't know since when that I felt so excited about everything. When i woke up I always smile and be ready to face the long day. Even the bad things came to me, it's like i believe that i can pass it well. Hopefully this will happen for long time ;D

What I Wore:

white top belongs to my brother,vintage denim vest, Cheap Mon tight blue jeans, Amithevintagist bird neclace, diva earrings, holy bracelet from illy, guess watch, yellow jelly shoes and yellow tote bag.



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