November 17, 2009
Today's post just share what I've been done for yesterday.
Yesterday was my free day as always because I don't need to go to campus,yay! So like usual I went to hospital to meet my Dad. I was so sad because I don't have enough time to talk with her because I must meet my friend. So after had a lunch together I moved in a rush to pim for a job, lol. It's not serious but only to help so everythings will gonna be alright like before.
At the beginning I want to watch 2012 because of the euphoria but I don't have so much time x(
So maybe i will catch it latter with my sister,hmm..not maybe but it must since she text me to watch it together. After finished this things I moved to Pejaten then the rain was falling down. I didn't bring an umbrella so i've got wet and now i've got cold. Uh..I hate bad weather like this.
For today's outfit i picked all by my brother's wardrobe, not all but only the t-shirt and the pants. We have the same size for t-shirt, hmm.. maybe it will be a little bit loose when i wore it but i love it and for the jeans as long as it tights so it will fit me well. My Mom will happy to hear this so She can save her money by buying 1 stuff for both of her children. Since my brother didn't notice if i was updated this blog so I hope he didn't see this post because this tee is one of his fave stuffs if he knows that i wore this tee then he will kill me,lol.
Cross my fingers!Today i will finish my unfinished bussiness, i hope the result will be a good forth both side, just can't wait it because this things always stuck on my head!

Just make a wish that today will be a better day than before. And I need a brighter sunshine too because today i have classes till noon.
Gospeed Olive

What I Wore:

Brother's stripes t-shirt, Narrow tight jeans by Cheap Mon (belong to my bro too), Yellow tote bag, holy bracelet, casio watch, glasses earrings, and yellow jelly sandals.



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