November 5, 2009
Remember my post "||Watch OUT of your TONGUE||"?Yeah finally I was solving that problem when I met her yesterday. When I was coming to my english class, there is only my friend named Indra. He thought that I would not come because my last problem with Miss.Sally (my english teacher). I said to him "of course I will coming, that is not a excuse for me to not coming here now!"

I will not do that act. My mom paid it to make me smarter in english so I will do anything to reach that goal. Beside that my father told me to face my problem even it's hard to do. I will make me more mature and know how to face a people because ever man/woman has a different characters. I was came with a different outfit than usual. An orange long top (it looks like a dress), nude acid washed leggings from, my yellow jelly shoes and a grey tote bag.

She was impressed with my outfit. She said like this "Keeewwlll outfit, so nice!".Whoaaa!I'm so thrilled by her words,LOL. It proved that a gread outfit is important to make s great atmosphere or at least it will make you stay in a good mood.

A little bit strange when I was enter that class. First she asked Indra about his day, what he's done and then she asked me. I felt a little bit calm and forget about what happened. And tadaaa I told her what i've done yesterday.

I said it was my free day, no campus activities but I have to go there because I must arrange my schedule for the next semester. And the rest of the day just do gossiping with Illy and Qiqi, we had a lot of fun like have a heavy lunch together, laugh out loud, gossiping and shared the problems.

When she heard my story, she really excited about gossiping stuffs maybe she missed her friends in England. And She shared about new rules that everyone can come anytime but they must have a great reason why they came late. Yay!finally! The rest of the class quite fun!Hmm..maybe really fun, because we had a lot of talk even there is only 4 studends, Lani was absent.We discussed about healthy inssurance.

I'm surprised when I heard that in Englang we don't need to pay anything if we go to the hospital except for the medicine or drugs. And she was surprised too when she heard that in here if someone delivered a baby and can't pay a bill of the hospital treatment than they can't bring the baby go back to their house. Poor Indonesia, but I love to stay here. I'm proud to be Indonesian and have a faith in this country to be a better one ;D


.2 slice of bread
.plain butter
.quickmelt cheese by KRAFT
.a lot of sausage

How to make it?
.cooked an onion with a little olive oil and stir it until the smell was great
.put those sausage and cook it until 3-4minutes
.take those bread, apply the plain butter upon the bread
.Put some tomatoes and the sausage
.Sprinkle the cheese upon the bread
.Put it in the microwave about 30 seconds
.TADAAAA!!It's ready to serve ;D
* The picture below is the result.



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