November 7, 2009
Today was my long day.
I just had 1 class today, then met Qiqi and Grace in campus.
Really had a great time with them.
Specially when i talked with Grace, it was so fun!
Laughing Out Loud in the middle of my canteen,LOL
Then i moved to Panglima Polim next to the church named GKI Panglima Polim.
I went there do learn thai boxing.
I knew it from my brother.
But because of my condition so I stayed there only for 1 hour,hahaha.
After that I met my father at rspp, then I prepare for the Ramen event.
I picked up Nancy to her house and moved to Ramen 38.

Step 1: Passed the door.

Step2: Ordered Chasew Man.

Step3: Narcissistic.

When we was there the restaurant didn't open yet. So we've waiting for almost 1 hour.
The rain was coming until we enter that place.
Oh my the ramen is so yummy.
With a big bowl and 4 slice of pig meat.
Whoooaaa!It's just like in a heaven even I never been there before, LOL
After that we went to our church for the meeting.
Something funny happened to me,hahaha. It so embarrasing!
Arrrghhh speechless!I wish I was not there at that moment!
Huh, but it's to late because It was happened.
I just stay cool,hahaha. Overal this is the best day even it's to hatic for me.
I met so many friends today and all of them was lovely and friendly.
I really love my campus just by this day.

Owh, finally the shoes was come and it fits me well.
Thanks to Fitri ;D



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