November 4, 2009

picture source from thesartorialist's blog.
Don’t be cry.
Nobody wants to be in that condition just like yours.
I don’t know what you feel.
I mean i never felt it before, I've never stand up in that place before.
I hope you can have a positive mind and be an optimistic person.
I have learned from you that I must fight to get what I want, specially in love since you are the master in that field, LOL.
It’s really nice to have take and give relationship just like us.
It’s slowly, not intimidating, not a fake one but hold on each other hands when one of them need it.
I gave you some advise in something that you are not really good at but you do the same thing like I've done to you.
Maybe this time I can’t help you a lot just like usual.
I want to give you my support.
I just want you to be patience.
Remember all you’ve done to have him as yours.
Maybe it will hurt you or make you cry, but it’s not my point.
I just want you to take a look from a different side.
The side that you was going through to a far far away land, so you can’t give up now!
I know you can do that.
There’s only 2 options like I said before when I met you:
. You will be his last one, or
. He will please you to go and realized that what he’s done totally wrong, fix it and find another one.
It’s up to you girl.
Make a goal from now!
Push it to your head or you can draw a picture about you and him in the future.
Put it in your bedroom so every time you saw it, it will be motivating you to get him back!
We are not an ordinary girl!
We are a fighting girl!
Specially you girl!
So don’t give up! I just behind your back ;D

*I wrote it before I went to bed last night.
I was a little bit surprise that I can wrote this even I felt so tired,LOL.



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