November 4, 2009
Still my best day! This is the recap of my routine that I’ve done for yesterday.
I had a class at 10.00am with a Quiz, subject: Accouting Theory which is so bored to learn it,LOL.Even it’s not an open book quiz but the whole class do that thing,LOL. Have a lunch together with Illy and Fani. But I brought my lunch. I prefer the home made food since it’s more healthy even I don’t have any relationship again with mayo’s meal. It like a free bird but I felt guilty everytime I put unhealthy food on my mouth. Anyway I stayed at canteen for a long time, huh even it’s hot but quite fun. Long time not steps my foot on that area. And this day I felt really excited on every subject I’ve learn.Yay!Finally that disire has come! Really need to go out from that building, chasing my dream and have a happily ever after. It sounds silly and childish but I think everyone wants to have a life story like that, am I rite?

Yay!My 4Ls Leggings from Cotton.Ink just arrived!A little bit dissapointed because I ordered Krey Tubular Shawl too but it didn’t come with my 4Ls package. But I tweet the owner and she promised to deliver it as soon as possible,yay!

My mixed and match for this super cool leggings:

Ysl white tee, baby blue cardi by scarf collection, Mid Grey 4Ls by Cotton.Ink, Peach bag by Mom’s closet, Cupcakes earrings from Diva, what.wear.daily’s Glasses, shopping bag (throw away your plastic bag!and wore this shopping bag!) and Peach shoes by Wondershoes.



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