November 2, 2009

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Friendship is difficult as love
It’s like have a relationship with someone who has the same sex or the opposite.
Sometimes friendship has a long period time than love.
It’s possible that you know.each other since you was kid.
Friendship just like love, it’s not easy to find it.
Someone will get hurt by your act even your words.
But sometimes we are not realized about it.

It’s hard to say sorry even we know that we’ve ruined something.
But both side (like the bestfriend mostly contains with2 people) know that they care abut his or her best friend.
You will give your best for your friendship.
Never mean to hurt, to be a fake person or to make you cry.
Sometimes when it happened, you don’t mean to do that.

Hey you the unordinary girl.
We’ve been together since we was in the kindergarten.
We’ve been through all together.
We know each other characters.
We get fight almost every day.
We get laugh almost every day too.
For you I look like a baby sitter.
But hey they gave some money to a babysitter, and the baby sitter do their job because of those money.
Me? I do it with ingenuous. It’s from my deepest heart.
I will never give you a bad advise.
But it’s okay if you didn’t accept it.
Like you said that We had a different way of thinking.
So sorry my friend, I mean it.

Just some advise:
When you had a problem just face it.
Don’t run!
The problem still be there until you came and solve it.
Hmm..Just try to be polite even you are angry with someone specially your best friend.
When you do that, you are not realized that your bestfriend got hurt too by your act.

Last words:
Really sorry about what happened.
I don’t want to contact you because I know maybe you need a time and you still shock bout it.
I want to give some space first and then I want you to be calm.
Have a nice day ;D



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