October 30, 2009
Yay!Finally it was come!

My cheapoo denim vest. It's nice even it looks small on me.

Another package was for my online shop named What Wear Daily
I found this two cropped jacket, so cute.
Only available in black and denim color. I sell it IDR 175,000 each (exclude the shipping fee)
Then today's sneak peak:
Had a class in the early morn. I really panic when i was come to my class this morning and didn't find anyone
then i called the representative of my class and he said my lecture didn't give him a call that the class has been canceled
fiuhhh.. finally my lecture come.
After that i went to my supplier took all my stuffs for What Wear Daily.
I'm so excited!!This things made my day.
And then i went to Endy wedding's day in Bekasi. Oh my gosh so far far away. And i've got ruined by the map that she gave us in her
wedding's invitation card.So conratulations my dear Endy. Hope you will have an ever after life just like in the fairy tale.
The last thing I've done is attended my english class, so excited talked about the economic things.After that class
I bought my last mayo's menu.Yay!Tomorrow will be my last day with Mayo. So excited to about this ;D
Last menu is breakfast with a sweet tea and a slice of bread (will change it with baguette and plain butter),then
a stir chicken fillet about 2,5 ons mix with lemon juice and 2 eggs+carrots mix with lemon juice fro dinner, so yummy ;D

What I wore:

Peach top and long skirt by local brand; earrings by F21; Watch by Casio; Shoes by Nine West and bag from mom's closet


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2 sveet comments

  1. Silvia says:

    Liv, is that what you wore to endy's wedding? wuahhhhhhhh i wanna go...so, how was the wedding party?
    oh ya, i just seen your blog once,which is now and i think it's nice....

  2. O.L.I.V.E says:

    Yup, is it look weird?LOL.
    I always wore something traditional when i attended someone wedding's day.
    Hahahaha.You supposed to be there even the place is so far far away, in Bekasi,hahaha.
    The wedding was great. I met Putra Pane, Thayya, Ochie, Ratril, Aryo even Echa was there.
    Thayya was excited with batak's culture,hahaha. She loves to dance tor-tor, wakakakak.
    Endy was crying when her mother give a bless for her xP
    Aaaaah, thank you so much Darlaa ;D
    Thank you for coming and let me know when you back here.
    Take Care ^_^

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