November 2, 2009
The happiest day of the week!!
Why?The greatest moment only come on this day,LOL.
Stayed at hospital for one night to accompanied my father is so great.
Only at this time i can share and give my support to my lovely Dad.
Very excited when i woke up and realized oh yes, finally it's Sunday.
Forgot took my Sunday's outfit, i will post it latter.
But i took What Wear Daily Maxi Dress covered with my cropped black military blazer then black ballets shoes even it look like a slippers then I brought my black organized bag. Oh, a little make up with blueberry lipstick,LOL. I never go out without crazy things, so people always look and stare at me as if I'm the weirdooow person in this universe,LOL.
I went to the church in the morning in this outfit,hahaha.
After the church service, it's time for me to do my weekly job.
Something that i really want to do but i can't because I was too scared at the first time.
I'm afraid if i looked with even I one of those madness.
Finally I can do it. I can shake my hand and it looks normal.
Not too much but it meant for me.
I'm happy for this little moment.
I want to say something but I can't.
I felt speechless then I moved.
But I really happy about what happened ;D

The Childhood Gang.

With the Birthday Girl. Thanks for the treat ;D

Then I had a meeting. Discuss about out Christmas event and the budget.
After that I had some fun with my childhood friend, also my church friend.
We went to Gantari (it's like a restaurant who provide chicken grilled and tofu grilled)
I trilled when i was there. We had a girls talk, took some picture and had fun together.
Then we moved to Grand Indo for searched some dessert.
We took SourSally with the new flavour "bubblegum"
Ooh, and I'm happy because I found a cool pencil to draw a sketch.
Then lay down at Y&Y for escargot. So yummy!
You must try it!They cooked it with plain butter and mozzarella.
After that we was going around when we just finished chit-chat at Y&Y.
The stupidity things was happened when we want to go home.
I forgot my parking lot,hahaha. So we try each by each floor.
Than I have an idea to through the emergency stairs!
Than we've got stock. Huh, I'm glad that the basement's door was open,hahahaha.
Then we found it after up and down in emergency stairs and looking around for the car almost 30 minutes.
Yeahhh finally we can go back to our house. Dropped Aya at Senci then Wanda and Nancy at Nancy's house.
Thanks to the girls who made my day more colorful, beside you know what is the fisrt things that made my day,LOL.
After those things, I stopped at my Aunty's house and have a talked with my cousin until 8.30pm.
I went home with a sleepy head. I'm glad that I arrived in save since I felt so sleepy x(
Yup, a little bit long post in my blog. But this is what happened yesterday.
The happiest moment in my life xP

Chicken Grilled + Tofu Grilled time at Gantari.

Y&Y Moment

Nancy and Aya.

Wanda, Me and Nancy.

"Don't forget about this day!"



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