November 3, 2009

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At the beginning I never agree with 'I hate Monday' statement, but now I realized that sometimes bad things come on this firts day of a week which is Monday. In the morning, I was thought about my problem that happened the day before and wrote about it on my past post.

Then I went to my campus for Games division Meeting but no one come except 1 person called Montel. We only discussed about rundown for almost 1 hour. The rest of my time I only talked with Mansi until the lunch time.

Than I had some fun with someone that came from my past,hahaha. It's not a new friend but long time a go I like to spare my time with this person. I really missed it and I'm glad that I can't do it that event again. I can't mention here, maybe if you really close with me you will realize who is the person that I've talked about.

But this is not someone that I liked and talked about in my each post. If it happened of course mayble i will post it with a bold words,LOL. Then I went to Pejaten Village at noon to attend my english class.

I came erlier about 40 minutes before the class just begun. I had a dinner there then because I didn't come home after my campus activities so I went to the restroom wthic is about almost 100m from my class (my english class is on a mall and they don't provide any toilet so I must utilize public restroom). I went to toilet to washed my face so it took a long time than usual. When I come back, the class was begun and the teacher asked me where I have been?

I answered that I was from the restroom then she said You lied to me. How come you go to the restroom for 20 minutes?and She said that She pretend that I was absent because I'm late! Whaaatttt??I stayed until the class was finished and in a rush went to the Admin Staff to talk about it. I said if that dork teacher didn't believe me, she can go with me when i want to go to the toilet or just told the owner to provide the toilet!

I hate the way she judged me! You are the badest teacher I have ever had!
Can you realized that all students didn't like the way you speak?Your teaching method was %$#@*!And everytime I asked something about grammar you looked confuse and always said that its like a habit!I can't go with that!Hello!!My mother paid a lot of money for me to learn this language!Please show your manner and your respect even you don't have it just learn it!

We have a different culture and you must care because you are here!Not in england Mam!! And the last things that all studens in your class are not a child anyomore.We are not in a kindergarten or primary school anymore! So don't push us like a child! I'm not an ordinary girl who will silence when something going wrong in front of my face.
Just Prepare yourself!



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