October 23, 2009
This what the loveable things which i love to do when i was at home.
.Watching DVD

.Listening to some music

.Organized my wardrobe (I love shoes, bag and clothes)

.Make an accessories by my self

.Shopping (because of this habit, now I prefer to buy anything by think twice and open an online store to get my own money)

.Be a good seller and buyer (I'm trying to be a smart shopper as buyer and seller)

.Novels Freak! (I read a lot not only at home, but I prefer to read novel or psychology book than my text book, LOL

.Taking a photo shoot (I love this things since my bestfriends are narcissistic person, mostly i can't go out without my digicam,I prefer took a picture from the real camera than from mobile phone because the quality of the picture is very different)



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2 sveet comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    diantara banyak sekali bajakan...kulihat banyak sekali yang asli dan bisa di pinjam ^^

  2. O.L.I.V.E says:

    Iya, kalo film luar udah pasti beli bajakan,hahaha.
    Beli ori cuman cd doang Lyn xP
    I wish you are my neighbor,hihihi

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