October 22, 2009
This is special for the birthday girl named Aya. Who is celebrated her birthday yesterday. After my exam was over, i don’t have any plan to meet this birthday girl, but then she pushed me to meet her! Then we had a lunch, actually i can’t say it’s a normal lunch since we do our mayo’s meal or you can call it a hell menu!LOL
My exam was success and I’m happy about it.
The Birthday Girl:

Story behind the exam:
The day before the exam, i supposed to study, rite?In the real situation i didn’t do that because I’m so tired at that moment. But than my friend told me to check the class email. My lecture put an exam test from the last semester. And when i was googling the answer since my lecture didn’t give me any reference for the book and a little bit chit-chat on my facebook I found something that already i fogot. Something that I’ve been waited for a couple of days until I don’t put any hope on it anymore. Then when i saw a little sign, I thought it was my friends that give me an updates about this surprise party for the birthday girl but oh my!I can’t say any words or even feel that I was still breathing at that moment.

I know it’s too late when i was realized that thing, it’s about 20 minutes after the incident. Then I screamed out and calling my best budd. Oh my it just like in heaven! (I never been there before but I know I will feel content when i was there) When i opened it, TADAAA!It makes me crying,LOL. It means something maybe not something but big thing! I can’t stop smiling after that happened. Because of this long story i can do my exam well, thanks to you someone that gave me a huge gift that makes me have a spirit to do the best for my last exam. I hope you read this,LOL.

After the lunch, I went home. I was waiting for Domi to do our next hunt for the surprise. It is balloons, but for the some reason we didn’t get it x(
Then we went to church, I was waiting for Domi because she had to practice in GC (Choir on my church), you should join this choir because they provide a great dinner before the practice was begun. If oneday i join this choir, the first reason it must be because of that,LOL. While Domi was practicing, I went to cake shop to buy the birthday cake, It’s really hard to do when you are on diet specially do the mayo’s meal x(

Oh another happy moment was a thing actually i can’t say it’s a thing because it’s life. But i can’t mention it, here because everybody will know,LOL. It’s too embarrassing. I can’t stop thinking about it and fash back my memories to that moment. Aaarrrggghhhh!I’m so stupid. Ican’t control my face even i want to x(
I hope we will meet in another coincidence. Uuh, it’s easy when you say it but hard to do it. So, I’m the silly one that only have a brave to speak loudly by a post on my blog.

Before we came in to her room:

Make your wishes Darla, hope it will come true ;D

Just remember for this day!

Yana and Aya. (I love the spider web,hihihi)

5th Crazy Girls in the middle of the night,LOL.



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