October 28, 2009
I'm back!!
What I've got?

A Cowboy boots,LOL.Fallin in love from the first time I saw it xP

Where I've been for the last 5 days?

Okay, here's the story. Since I've been falling in luv (hmm..not really maybe just a lil bit,LOL) and have a relationship with Mayo.Who's mayo?It's a diet program. I've got it from my friend, my childhood friend. We've been going trough this Mayo for 9 days and it's so kewll because we do it together. Sometime we make status on our fb account ad told what we felt that day. Sometimes it sounds silly and I think everybody getting bored with our status but we don't care, you can hide it if you want,hahahaha. Just try it with you girlfriend. I felt languid at the beginning but now it's just like a habit. And FYI we don't eat rice (Rice is like must eat food on my town) which is that the most tasty food that I love to eat. So just 4 days left, and i will be free to eat anything!Yay!
Then I've been busy about my campus activities. I've been joining camping's committee for Economic Faculty and it makes me drop!To many things to do. Meeting all the time and My life have been ruined because of all those games, LOL. They put me on a games division. My job?Just creating the games for the new comer student, hunting the tools, choose he person in charge for the each games station, yup that's all but I never joined this division so It's a lil bit hard for me xP
So we are going to do survey this Thursday which is tomorrow,huhuhu. Bye-bye my blog. I will be there for 2 days and 1 night and come back in Saturday for a morning class, it will be tiring x(
But I'm excited when I face the Sunday. That's the lovely day,hihihi. I feel like a lovely bird that tweet every single minutes,LOL. Then after the church time I will going to go around my town hunting the cool place to sit, eat and talk with my best friends. Yay!!What a nice day to wait ;D

What I Wore:

Top by edc; Unbranded tights; Biker Jacket from somewhere out there; Feather Earrings; Vinatge Straw Hat; Holy Bracelet; Casio Watch and Cowboy Boots from Garage Store Online Shop



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