September 18, 2009
Last order..
Remember last time when i told you about the biker jacket? I ordered in brown but when it came,oh la la it was in black. Finally the owner sent me the right biker jacket which is in brown. I wore it today when i was went to RSPP to visit my Daddy. I felt like thugs,hahaha.LOL
I have a funny case when i was on my way to Pertamina Hospital (RSPP), I was passed Mampang route then when i was in traffic lights I sang a song that called "Jadi Gila" (Being Crazy) from RAN (our local mucisian). I was done some crazy things. I was dancing when the song played, I moved my head to the right and to the left. But I tought nobody can see that act, because it already night almost 7pm. Then a car beside me blow their horn, I tought maybe it's not about me, then I saw to the left side (their side) than They are about 4 guys raised their thumbs up,hahaha.LOL.So embarrassing at that time x(

The Package..

What I Wore?

.white singlet (local brand), MNG khaki pants, What Wear Daily's Earrings, Choco Biker Jacket, Mimsy's vintage bag, Casio watch, Holy Bracelet and Suede Boots from Garage Store.



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2 sveet comments

  1. Safiaa says:

    Your biker jacket (perfecto) is too beautiful this color chocolate / brown just wow! although I personally I rather take the camel or black! very rock!

  2. O.L.I.V.E says:

    I have the black one, with the same model like this ;D
    It's hard to get a camel biker jacket, still searching it ^^

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