September 18, 2009
About a month ago I saw this picture. Just like another pre-order from korean stuffs. This is my first time to deal with korean pre-order for clothes. We need to be patient darla. I ordered it at the end of August, then it was coming yesterday when i went to campus and I'm glad that my servant accept it. They post some picture about this studded cropped jacket like this and I've got exactly just like what I saw in this pic except the color. I ordered in white ;D
I think black cooler than white but I have never had white jacket before so I choose it in white.

Package of the day

The Real Object


Oh gosh!Since I had so much things to do like classes, many assignment, searching some new stuffs for my online shop and took a care for my daddy so this is the condition of my room. And i felt not comfortable again with it. It makes me lazy to study even sleep in this room,hahaha. I prefer to sleep at my mom's room. So this the Lebaran's holiday, my servant and driver go back to their village for a couple of days. This is it, the time that i must do anything by this 10 fingers,hahaha. "Mom could you give me another space for my bedroom?"
Btw can't wait to see GG season 3. I saw their exclusive preview on their facebook account and that is so adorable!!This season focus on the new Queen Bee Jenny, The Freshmen's gang like Blair, Chuck, Dan, Vanessa and Georgina.Post it the video latter.
*Story behind the title: Why i posted it with "SERENITY" because that what i need for this day.



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  1. gmn bahan jaketnya? bagus??

  2. Bahannya cotton Sal, cuman lebih tebel gitu karna kan jacket hehehe. Menurut ak sih pas dan enak gitu bahannya ;D

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