September 6, 2009
I was started this day with bad things. I called it cat fight. I wish this will be finished in the good way ;D
In the morning I should go to the hospital to pick my brother and check my father's condition.
I was late because my mom. Then after we went to church i droped my mom to the hospital for taking care of my father.
Then I went back to the church for donate my blood to the red cross (it's named of the organization).
It hurts me a little bit. When I looked at the needle it scared me.LOL
I really want to donate my blood for long time ago but sometimes I can't fill the requirement.
For your information they will asked you many things, like your personal identity then your sickness and the
time of your menstruation period (they not allowed you to donate your blood at lease your menstruation period was finished
minimum 1 week ago). Because this is my first time I'm so excited! After finished it, i just lay down on that bed until i felt
ready to stand up on my feet. After that I was ate something that we called "bubur kacang ijo" in bahasa. It likes a bean and the color is green.
The last things about to donate your blood is that you can't donate it again until 3 months latter.
This is the card that they've gave to me. You must bring it when you do this things again.

The rest of the day just visited my father at the hospital and then My friend gina text me and invited me to a garage sale at agogo Pati Unus. I've got this cute owl necklace made by K'Melda. This necklace looks cute, made from flannel material with the big eyes. Thank you so much K'Melda for your cute handmade necklace ;D

Happy Sunday!!



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2 sveet comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    cuty owl.....nggak bisa deh aku buat sendiri ^^

  2. Thank you Lyn ;D
    Jangan mudah menyerah, syapa tau kalo dicoba bisa.hehehe
    Yang bikin satu greja ak Lyn,hehehe. Kalo dy bikin lagi km mau gak?

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