September 13, 2009
Sunday bloody Sunday (my fave songs for this day)
Recap for the day: As usual so to the church with mom and my lil brother except my father he has been staying at the hospital since a month ago. Then take a nap till 4.30pm. After that I went to Ahyat and Duck King in Senayan City to buy some food for my father.
After I was dropping all those foods, I went to Indo Craft at JHCC but my Mom told me that their stuffs not so good so I just pick my Mom x(
When I was ordering dimsum in Duck King (but i must waited for 20 minutes) so i went to TGA bookstore and found this Jane Austen's Novel. It's a famous novel and it's an old story like Romeo and Juliete from Shakespeare but I really like Pride and Prejudice a lot. Very romentic and It just like a real story. Jane Austen really talented and one of my fave writer.
I forgot to take a picture on my Sunday's costume, I was cut my vintage dress to be a mini dress. Not really adorable but i like it,hahaha. Happy Sunday girls. Nite-nite ;D
* Why i posted this post with "he doesn't know?" because someone doesn't know that he looks cute in my eyes,hahaha.Just kidding xP



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2 sveet comments

  1. evelynpy says:

    lho novel ini kan dah lama banget...
    btw TGA untuk buku luar memang lengkap daripada Gramedia..

    how much?

  2. Emang,hehehe.Tapi suka banget sama ceritanya, secara dulu males banget baca novel/buku bhs inggris akhirnya baru beli sekarang daripada gak kebaca,hehehe
    59rb Lyn, makanya beli biasanya novel-novel luar 140rb-an,hehehe
    Btw tau buku "The letter of love" gak?
    *kayaknya sih judulnya itu,covernya warna merah gitu, isinya surat cinta orang-orang dari seluruh dunia gitu.
    Udah nyari kemana-mana tapi selalu kehabisan ni Lyn x(

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