September 12, 2009
I've been waiting for this day. This day so special, why?Because it's weekend and I have so many fun things to do. I attended Brightspot market at Grand Indonesia after I finished all my weekend classes with my best buddy Illy. We love all stuffs there, but watch out for your pocket!They are a rubber!All stuffs that they sold are very cute and If you see those stuffs you will be melting,LOL
I bought a pair of nude oxford shoes and a little purse that multifunction, why?you can use it for a coin purse or as a necklace and that's handmade stuffs (I can't resist handmade stuffs, they looked lovely!), we had lunch together but forgot to take some picture even i was brought my digicam x(
After that I went to Pejaten Village to attend Terrant Book Charity Event. Terrant Book is a local publisher in my town, mostly they published chicklit. My fave chicklit writer is Sitta Karina and they published her novels ;D
But I'm late so I missed that event. But they still have some charity items like t-shirt and bags from Mimsy. I love those stuffs so I picked the Mimsy's vinatage bag in Camel. Last pieces only in camel and dark brown. I can't believe about the price, I know it's for charity and those bag not the latest collection of Clementine by Mimsy but They sell it in affordable price!What a lovely day ;D
This is all of my guilty pleasure:

The rest of the day just lay down at home but Rena invited me to met her. So I went to PIM and It was so crowded. I can't get a park!Many people go there to buy new clothes for "Lebaran". Uuuhhhh so chaos!! But thanks for the time Rena. We will meet again as soon as possible ;D
Owwhh forgot to tell that I've got help from Bethanny Putri to make my fave shoes. This is the picture of the shoes. It's a very pinkhies fringe heels made from suede material. She said that this shoes will be ready to hit the street at Sept 16th, it will be next week. I hope the result will be closed to the picture ;D

What I Wore?

Costume for Brightspot market was: MNG basic top, Zara basic khaki pants, Vintage belt, Holy land bracelet, vintage bracelets, mooz's earrings (got it from bazaar in La Codefin), Casio vintage watch, Owl bag and Custom Camel Oxford shoes (My fave shoes)


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  1. evelynpy says:

    omg love your bag so much!!!
    also love your shoes....
    belanja trus ya...hehehehehe

  2. michelle_ says:

    cool outfit for the event . This was my first visit you . And i'm liking your blog !
    keep up the good work .
    ps. I've linked you already. Mind if we exchange links ;) ?

  3. .Evelyn: Thank you ;D
    Iya ikut-ikutan orang belanja lebaran ni,hahaha. Abis gara-gara ada event "Brightspot Market" juga sih,hehehe

    .Michelle: Thanks for visiting my blog dear ;D
    Yes, it's my pleasure.LOL

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