September 15, 2009
Gotcha!The tittle is so not into me,hahaha
Yesterday was my free day, no campus activities or classes but I must go to campus for finishing my assignment since I don't have any book for my Management Operation's subject. So I went to my campus's library and found the book but I still didn't get the answer maybe I need to browse on the internet.
After that I went to Grand Indonesia for lunch with Aya. We watched "The Hangover" and that movie was great!I love those boys and their stupidity.Favorite characters are Phill and Doug. Before we're watched that movie, we took a meal at Y&Y. We ate black escargot and it is tasted so yummy. You must try it!! They combine it with cheese!I took a pic about this food.Please take a look.
The Black Armies: Aya and the food

Then I was on my way to Pejatten Village for my english class and I trapped with traffic jam. Uhhh! But I was happy when I was inside of my class, because I didn't attend my class last friday so My teacher gave me a speaking test. We are done a debate. Me and my friend called Intan. We debated about should collage student took variety subject than focus on one major in year one and two? I was in pro side and Intas was con side. For me it's not really difficult because i was in pro side.
I told her that the variety subject was the transision time from High School and it can open our mind, then we can meet another students from another major and the last point that not only focus on one subject that really connected to one major. When we are searching a job, they will see not only our IQ which is your GPA score, but also your EQ which how you can controll your emotion and SQ which is your spiritual, your faith (religion). Both EQ and SQ you've got it in the variety subjects at the fist year and the second year, rite? I know this is too serious to share but I just want to tell you what I thought about this issue.
Then I have a dinner alone, my mom already at home and my brother stayed at hospital with my daddy. My driver was on the way to pick me up at Pejatten Village. So I took dinner by my self and while i was waiting for my drivel I read my fave novel which i bought yesterday ;D

What I Wore:
Boy's white singlet by PC (I love boy's stuffs), Topshop black highwaist pants, Red stripes loose outwear (found it at my brother's wardrobe), Cupcakes earrings's from Diva, Holy bracelet from Illy, Guess watch, Owl Bag and paper bag from Hotel (don't throw this item, and take it when you were checked out because you can wore it a thousand times!and please don't wear any plastics anymore!) and Black Converse Keds from My Cousin.



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