September 15, 2009

I told you before that I love all about handmade stuffs. Even the price was higher than a mass product, why?Because it's handmade, of course they made those stuffs with their hands not a machine. It's mode difficult and the details so amazing. And most of handmade stuffs are one of a kind things. Take a look this headband. Found it amazing when I knew that this is handmade stuffs. I picked three of the blue headbands but only one left that available. So i bought the blue sky color in the second picture.

While I was showing those cute headbands, I found this 'cut in half' cardigans. Those stuffs are handmade to and pick up the blue sky cardi (the first pic below on the left). I picked it because it has the same color as the cute headbands that I've picked before. In my deepest heart I want those cardigans, but I can't throw out my money only for the same items with a different color like this.
Can't wait to see those stuffs that was on their way to my home ;D
Oh and check out their Clutch, so cute!They named it Fleur. Check out their fan page here!

source: Scarf Collection by Me (it's not by me but they named it like that.LOL)



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  1. Anonymous says: the cardi so much sis?

  2. michelle_ says:

    Nice colorful cardigans there. I'd love all of them! haha..

    to answer your questions.. I'm 17 years.. hehe .

    mind to exchange links ? :D

  3. .Evelyn: Yup..Yup..120,000rupiahs. Made by them self,hehehe. Very comfy to wear Lyn ;D

  4. .Michelle:Thanks Michelle(this is ur nime, rite?)hehehe
    Wow, so young. I thought you are a collage student xP
    I already put your link on my sidebar,please take a look at mostly from my country,hehehe.Thank you for put my link in your sidebar too.
    Nice to know you darla ^_^

  5. .Gracia:Thanks darlaa ;D
    And thank you for visited my blog.

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