September 16, 2009
Yesterday I was so tired, so this is supposed to be another late post as usual,hahaha
Okay, as we know that about a view days will be Lebaran(the ceremony of moslem's people) and everybodies are going crazy to spent their THR (it's like bonus from their office mostly 2 times or 3 times from their salaries) to shopping for the Lebaran's day. When i was going to Pejatten Village for my english class, It was really crowded with people that do this crazy shopping time almost everyday! Yeah, and i think this make me crazy and follow the euphoria. But i prefer shopping online from my home.
Okay, somebody maybe think it's not secure when we do shopping online because some of my friends have got troubled with online store. But here's the things:
1. Thanks GOD that until now, I never got trouble with this online shopping things, only once and it's never happen anymore.
2. Look at their testimonial.
3. If there are second or vintage items, make sure by asking the owner is it in a good condition or not?A good owner will tell you if there's a little hole or any stain in their stuffs.
4. For the first time, it's easy when you choose the local online shop specially in your town, like if you stayed at Jakarta please choose the online store that based on Jakarta too. If you're going expert you can shopping online at Ebay which is i want so bad but still confuse about the payment since they used credit card even there is Paypal ;D
5. Check their shipping service. Mostly Indonesian online store used Tiki, JNE, PCP and so on. My advise is ask them to give you the receipt shipping number of your purchases so you can chec it by your self (specially for Tiki and JNE because they had their own site)
6. For the Pre-Order stuffs my advise is pay at least only 50% of the total payment. Except you are really know the owner whose not a trickster. And you need to be patient because they need a long time until they've got the stuffs and sent it to you specially for korean's stuffs.
7. Happy Shopping. And my last information don't do purchase at Sept 18th till Sept 25th mostly Tiki and JNE will be closed at that time

Like what I posted before, finally my purchases was came yesterday. The first package was brown biker jacket, but when i opened that package, whaaaat?It was on balck color! I told them before 3 times that i ordered the brown one not the black one. I sent them a message and they told me to retur back the package uh really win-win solution!!I don't think so!It is wasting my money and my time!So sorry still disgust about it.

Then my second package was arrived too. There are a loose cut in half blue sky cardiiganand 2 pieces of lula's headband (they named the headband like that). Really like the pictures that i saw on their site. And yeah it's handmade because they put their label on the cardigan Really comfy cardigan but I don't have anytime to take a picture with another keewll outfit ;D

Oh and my shoes that I ordered about 1 month ago finally finished but the owner said that she on her way to back to her village so maybe she will send my package after this Lebaran's day. But My shoes that I ordered to Putri was finished too, she will send it to me this day I hope tomorrow the package will be on my hand,hehehe. Oh, maybe my posts were not really good because mostly only my purchases but I promise that from now on I will post my fave latest trend from fashion world that's I adored ;D
In my mind: Boyish style with tux and maybe a cool black bow tie. Can't wait for the Sunday to wear my imaination's outfit.


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